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Greenville ISD Explains Details of $189 Million Bond Proposal to Address Capacity and Renovate Schools

Rendering of Greenville Middle School

The Greenville Independent School District (GISD) Board of Trustees has taken a significant step towards securing the future of education in the district by approving a $189 million bond proposal. The proposal, set to be on the ballot for the November 7, 2023 elections, aims to address pressing capacity issues, construct new campuses, and facilitate essential renovations across several schools within the district.

With the district's enrollment steadily increasing and many campuses operating at or above capacity, the decision to seek funding through a bond initiative became crucial. The proposal, which will not result in any additional taxes, utilizes the previously approved $0.9692 tax rate, ensuring a 0% tax impact on the community.

Earlier this year, Greenville ISD collaborated with Zonda Education to compile a comprehensive demographic report. The report highlighted the anticipated growth in enrollment over a ten-year span, predicting that unless measures are taken, many of the district's campuses will exceed their capacity by 2026.

The bond proposal comprises three distinct propositions, each targeted at addressing specific challenges faced by the district:

Proposition A: Greenville Middle School - $120 Million

A new middle school campus will be constructed on a 44.65-acre parcel of land owned by GISD, situated behind the Lamar Elementary campus. The former TXDOT building currently occupying the property will be demolished to make way for the new school.

This new facility will have a capacity to accommodate 1,400 students spanning grades 6th through 8th. The two-story building will feature classroom wings, a cafetorium, a track and field area, and tennis courts. The project is projected to be completed by January 2027.

Proposition B: L.P. Waters Early Childhood Center - $36.4 Million

L.P. Waters Early Childhood Learning Center will receive a brand new campus built on its current site. The existing campus will be razed to make room for the modernized facility, designed to accommodate up to 500 early childhood students.

The single-story building will feature classrooms, a cafetorium, and other necessary amenities. The completion date for this project is estimated to be August 2025.

Proposition C: Greenville High School Renovations - $32.6 Million

Greenville High School will undergo a series of crucial renovations to modernize its facilities and enhance the overall learning environment. Updates will include improvements to furniture, finishes, lighting, and code compliance. Additionally, unused space will be reclaimed by removing lockers.

The project will also encompass the replacement of water source heat pump air conditioning units, the installation of 8,000 square feet of new roofing, and the renovation of the school's library. The anticipated completion date for these renovations is August 2025.

Early voting for the bond proposal is scheduled to begin on Monday, October 23, at the Hunt County Voter Administration office located at 2217A Washington, Greenville, TX 75401. The Greenville ISD community is encouraged to participate in the voting process and contribute to shaping the future of education in the district.

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