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Texas is Home to the Most Woman Veterans

Women Veterans Day on June 12 is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of women who served in the military. It recognizes the anniversary of the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, signed in 1948, allowing women to serve as regular members of the military. In 2017, the State of Texas designated June 12 as Women Veterans Day.

Texas has the highest women veteran population in the nation with over 200,000 women veterans. The Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) encourages women who have served in the military to claim the benefits they have earned. These include education benefits, disability compensation, health care and more. TVC’s Women Veterans Program can assist with accessing benefits and connecting with other women veterans. Additionally, the program addresses needs, issues and topics of women who served.

“As a woman veteran myself, this is a day I pause to appreciate the achievements of the women veterans who paved the way before me, and the ones who carry on the tradition of service after me,” said TVC Chairwoman and Navy veteran Laura Koerner. “I encourage all women who served in the military to contact the Texas Veterans Commission for the broad array of services available for women veterans.”

Prior to the enactment of the Women's Armed Services Integration Act in 1948, women serving in the military could enlist as volunteers in clerical positions or work as nurses, and in special, temporary units such as Women's Army Corps during WWII.

Today, women serve in all military occupational specialties, including logistics, munitions, intelligence and combat.

Thank a veteran for their service and find commemorations and celebrations of this historic date around Texas.

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