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Kilgore, Texas News

North Texas Regional SWAT Team Executes Arrest Warrant in Kilgore

On April 25, 2025, members of the North Texas Regional SWAT Team carried out an arrest warrant at 3002 Royal Drive in Kilgore. The individual targeted by the warrant, wanted on Federal charges, refused to surrender to the police despite repeated orders to do so.

After providing ample time for compliance, SWAT members deployed CS gas into the residence. Shortly thereafter, the individual emerged and was apprehended without further incident. The arrested person was subsequently taken to the Kilgore Municipal Jail for booking.

The Kilgore Police Department emphasized its commitment to ensuring community safety from illicit drugs and those involved in their distribution. They reaffirmed their proactive stance on drug-related issues, issuing a stern message to anyone engaged in such activities within Kilgore.

"We will be one of the most proactive departments when it comes to drugs," stated the Kilgore Police Department. "If you are dealing, we will see you soon. If you are dealing drugs in Kilgore, you have three choices: Stop, Move, or go to jail."

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