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Harrison County Deputies Bust Trespassers with Drugs and Forged Checks

Randy Wayne Surratt and Christy Marie Fletcher

On April 24, 2024, Harrison County Deputies made a significant discovery while patrolling Walkers Mill Rd in the Hallsville area. A suspicious vehicle parked in front of a locked gate, bearing a clear "no trespassing" sign, caught their attention. Upon investigation, it was found unoccupied.

Close by, a couple was spotted fishing in a pond located beyond the gated area. Identified as 44-year-old Randy Wayne Surratt of Longview and 39-year-old Christy Marie Fletcher of Marshall, the pair were approached by deputies. During the encounter, a strong odor of marijuana emanated from Surratt, leading to his admission of possession. Consequently, Surratt was taken into custody.

A subsequent search of the vehicle yielded startling findings: 13 grams of methamphetamine, assorted prescription pills, and stolen forged checks were uncovered. Both Surratt and Fletcher were arrested and transported to Harrison County Jail.

Further investigation revealed Fletcher's prior warrant for Violating Parole in a case from February 2019, related to theft of a firearm. Additionally, she faces charges including Possession of a Controlled Substance PG 1, Criminal Trespass, Possession of Dangerous Drugs, and Forgery of Financial Instruments, with a specific mention of forgery targeting the elderly. Fletcher's total bond has been set at $205,000.

Surratt, on the other hand, is facing charges with a bond set at $107,000.

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