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Plano Police Crack Down on Violent Jugging Offenses: Third Suspect Pleads Guilty and Sentenced

In a recent development, the third suspect involved in a series of violent jugging offenses that occurred in 2022 has pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to confinement in the Texas Department of Corrections.

Bank jugging, a term used to describe suspects who monitor bank customers and follow those believed to be carrying cash, involves opportunistic theft from unattended vehicles or even direct robbery of victims. The Plano Police Department successfully resolved a case related to multiple jugging incidents that took place in Plano and Dallas in August 2022.

The first incident involved the dragging of an elderly victim by a car, while the second saw a victim's car window smashed. The most severe offense occurred in Dallas, where a victim was attacked in his garage after being followed from a bank. The Plano Police Department shared their findings with the Dallas authorities, leading to the issuance of additional arrest warrants.

The investigative team continued their efforts, discovering similar offenses in other Texas cities. This led to the arrest of several offenders caught in the act of committing jugging-related crimes. All suspects were traced back to Houston, and through cooperation with the Intel unit, US Marshals, and Houston PD, Detective Benzick traveled to Houston and successfully arrested the suspects.

The crime analysis team played a crucial role in solving the case, overcoming challenges such as the use of stolen license plates on the suspects' vehicle.

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