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Paris Man Arrested for Assaulting Family Member, Resisting Arrest, and Threatening Peace Officer

Booking photo of Michael Dillard

On Friday, September 1, 2023, at approximately 11:44 PM, Paris police officers responded to an assault incident in the 800 block of E. Price. According to initial reports, Michael Dillard was alleged to have assaulted a family member at the scene, who was no longer present when the police arrived.

Upon their arrival, officers encountered Dillard, who emerged from a residence in an agitated state and appeared to be attempting to leave the area. The officers immediately detained Dillard for further investigation into the alleged assault. During the course of the arrest, Dillard resisted the officers' efforts to take him into custody.

Subsequently, after conducting their investigation and gathering evidence, law enforcement officials determined that Michael Dillard had indeed assaulted a family member. Following this determination, he was placed under arrest and subsequently transported to a local detention facility.

While en route to the detention facility, Dillard made threatening statements towards one of the arresting officers, including threats to harm the officer and the officer's family. As a result of these threats, additional charges were filed against Dillard, including Assault of a Family Member, Resisting Arrest, and making a terrorist threat against a Peace Officer.

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