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Rowlett Police Arrest Two Suspects in Armed Robbery Case, Confiscate Weapons and Drugs

Photo courtesy of Rowlett PD

Rowlett Police Department issued an update on an incident that occurred on Friday, September 1, 2023, at approximately 6:20 p.m. The incident involved an armed robbery near the 3600 block of Melcer Drive.

According to the police report, officers from the night shift responded to a call reporting a robbery in progress. The victim informed authorities that two unidentified Hispanic males had approached him just outside his apartment complex. The suspects were driving a black, single-cab, lowered Chevy pickup truck. They brandished an AK-47 pistol, demanded money, and the victim complied with their demands. The suspects then fled the scene, discharging at least two rounds as they made their escape, though not in the direction of the victim.

Approximately 20 minutes later, Officer Herrera spotted a black, single-cab, lowered Chevy pickup truck traveling southbound on Dalrock Road. Officer Herrera initiated pursuit, and the vehicle turned onto Trail Lake Drive before coming to a stop near the 8400 block of Trail Lake Drive. During the stop, Officer Herrera noticed that the passenger had a ski mask on top of his head. Both vehicle occupants were subsequently detained for further investigation.

Upon conducting a search of the vehicle, officers discovered weapons and several narcotics. Both suspects were taken into custody on multiple charges related to the incident. The successful resolution of this case was attributed to the exceptional teamwork of all involved parties, including Officers Herrera and Wilson, as well as the support provided by supervisors Lt. Nosic and Sgt. Hughes. Special thanks were extended to Officers MacPherson, Webb, Valenzuela, Alonzo, Petree, and Gutierrez for their invaluable contributions to the investigation.

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