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Texas A&M University-Commerce College of Science and Engineering Receives Over $780,000 in Research Grants

The College of Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University-Commerce is celebrating a significant achievement this year, as its forward-thinking faculty members have secured a total of more than $780,000 in research grant funding during the spring and summer seasons. These grants highlight the college's dedication to advancing scientific exploration and fostering innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

One of the standout projects, titled "Adaptive Intelligence for Active Safety Control and Privacy-Preserving Autonomous Driving," has received sponsorship from the National Science Foundation. Dr. Yuehua Wang, a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, is leading this initiative. The research aims to gain insights into how automobile drivers behave and pay attention, with the ultimate goal of promoting safe and private autonomous driving. The project not only contributes to cutting-edge research in engineering and artificial intelligence (AI), but also engages undergraduate and graduate students in STEM fields. Additionally, the project seeks to inspire K-12 students by fostering excitement about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

As cyber threats continue to grow, endangering both private citizens and the public sector, Texas A&M University-Commerce is taking proactive steps to address these challenges. Dr. Eman Hammad and Dr. Yuehua Wang are collaborating with the Cross-Border Threat Screening and Supply Chain Defense (CBTS) Center of Excellence to establish the Cybersecurity Summer Research Institute. Supported by sponsors such as the Department of Homeland Security and Texas AgriLife Research, this institute focuses on cybersecurity in emergency communication systems and maritime systems. Participating students gain hands-on research experience, attend guest lectures, and embark on industry field trips to explore potential career paths in cybersecurity.

Another noteworthy endeavor, led by Dr. Jinoh Kim from the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, delves into the security concerns associated with flying base stations (FBSes) in the context of next-generation wireless communications, such as 6G. With support from the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute and the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, this project is dedicated to detecting malware targeting FBSes and devising protective solutions against malicious attacks.

Dr. Padmapani Seneviratne, within the Department of Mathematics, is spearheading the "Theoretical and Application-Driven Mathematics" initiative, funded by the National Science Foundation. This program provides undergraduate math enthusiasts with a summer research experience, allowing them to explore math through data-driven projects that model real-life applications. The initiative also includes exposure to computer algebra systems and features guest speakers who offer career guidance, ultimately preparing students for success in mathematics-related careers.

Recognizing faculty excellence, the American Mathematical Society (AMS) has awarded Dr. Aditi Ghosh from the Department of Mathematics the prestigious AMS-Simons Research Enhancement Grant for Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PUI) Faculty. This three-year award aims to support research-related activities and acknowledges the outstanding contributions of Dr. Ghosh to her field.

Dean Andrea Graham expressed her admiration for the faculty's dedication to research and its positive impact on student learning. “These research grants speak to the caliber of our faculty's expertise and the pioneering work conducted within the College of Science and Engineering at A&M-Commerce,” said Dean Graham. She emphasized the college's commitment to providing a rich research environment that not only advances understanding but also equips students with essential skills for success in a global marketplace.

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