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Motorcycle Gang Member Sentenced to Life for Murder and Assault in Mesquite Shooting

George Berish

George Berish, 30, was convicted of murder and aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury by firing into a motor vehicle in a case involving rival motorcycle gangs. The prosecution team was led by Krystal Biggins, with Loren Collins as the second chair and appellate trial support provided by Jaclyn O’Connor. DA investigators Jesse Resendez and Raul Obregon, and DA victim advocate Claudia Arnick, played critical roles in the case, while the Mesquite Police Department led the investigation.

The incident occurred on the morning of Saturday, February 11, 2023. Two friends, both wearing red and gold jackets linked to their motorcycle club, were riding their motorcycles through Dallas and Mesquite. About three weeks prior, the defendant, a member of the Brothers East (BEAST) motorcycle gang, had an armed confrontation with the Bandido motorcycle club at a rally in Kansas. Seeking retribution, Berish and his gang learned about a Bandido funeral in Dallas on the weekend of February 11 and anticipated encountering members of the Bandidos on the roads.

On February 10, 2023, Berish traveled from Arkansas to Dallas with a co-defendant and stayed in a hotel. They met with Dallas chapter members of BEAST and devised a plan to “hunt red and gold” the next day. On February 11, the victims traveled eastbound on I-20. Spotting the red and gold jackets, Berish and his associates believed the victims were Bandidos. They followed the victims for several miles until they exited Lawson Road, where the defendants fired at them at least 36 times. The surviving victim, who was struck multiple times, testified that he still had four bullets in his body. The deceased victim was shot through the back and lungs and died en route to the hospital. A projectile was recovered from the deceased victim’s jacket.

Witnesses reported seeing a white SUV and a silver SUV at the scene. Mesquite Police collaborated with local, state, interstate, and federal law enforcement agencies to track down the suspect vehicles. The investigation led them to a known motorcycle gang location in Southern Dallas County. The police successfully identified and located Berish and his co-defendants.

Berish was arrested more than a month after the incident. A gun connected to Berish was forensically matched to the projectile recovered from the murder scene. The co-defendant, who pleaded guilty before the trial, testified that he drove while Berish fired out of the passenger window, resulting in the fatal shooting.

Additionally, cell phone records provided crucial evidence, tracking the defendant and co-defendant as they followed the victims on I-20, committed the murder on Lawson Road, and fled the scene together.

Following the trial, George Berish was convicted on all charges and sentenced to life in prison. The verdict was delivered amidst a courtroom attended by legal counsels and officials including Krystal Biggins, Loren Collins, and supported by Jaclyn O’Connor, Jesse Resendez, Raul Obregon, and Claudia Arnick, marking a closure to a case that has garnered significant attention.


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