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Piers Morgan Interview with Convicted Murderer From Rains County Available in YouTube

In 2016, Piers Morgan released an interview with Erin Caffey, who was convicted in the murder of her mother and two brothers, aged 13 and 8. The crime occurred on March 1, 2008, in Emory, Texas, in Rains County. Erin Caffey was 16 years old at the time of the murders. The only survivor was her father, Terry Caffey, who identified Erin's ex-boyfriend as one of the killers.

During the interview, a recording is played of the moment Terry Caffey is informed by officers that his daughter Erin was implicated as the mastermind behind the murders. When police entered his hospital room, Mr. Caffey immediately asked about his daughter’s condition. “She is, she’s doing fine,” replied Chief Deputy Sheriff Karl Fischer. “I don’t want to know a whole lot of detail but… oh god... what kind of involvement did she…” Mr. Caffey can be heard asking.

“Her involvement was great,” Deputy Fischer responded. The recording captures Mr. Caffey dissolving into tears upon hearing the news of his daughter's involvement.  His loud sobbing will make your heart ache and move you into tears.  

At her trial, the State Prosecutor sought the death penalty. Instead, Erin Caffey was sentenced to consecutive life sentences plus 25 years, making her eligible for parole at the age of 59.

As of today, Erin Michelle Caffey is 32 years old, has been in prison for 15 years and will be eligible for parole on March 1, 2038.   She is incarcerated at the Hobby unit in Martin, Texas, in Falls County.  

The full episode of the interview is available on YouTube.

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