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Texarkana Detective Cracks Case: Cousins Arrested for Theft

Texarkana Police Detective Jarrod Dean's persistence paid off in the case of a reported burglary on Hazel Street back in February. The victim had reported missing items, including parts of a brand new air conditioner unit and tools, from their detached garage.

Assigned to the case the following day, Detective Dean soon uncovered a lead: cousins Jakarien (21) and Troyce (19) Johnson. The duo had pawned tools resembling those reported stolen and sold AC parts to a local scrap metal business on the same day as the burglary.

Despite initial doubts, Detective Dean's intuition led him to pursue the connection further. Eventually, he confirmed the sold items matched those reported missing. Armed with warrants for Burglary of a Building, Detective Dean approached the Johnsons.

The cousins agreed to surrender themselves the following day, fulfilling their promise by appearing at the police department on Wednesday. They were subsequently booked into the Bi-State Jail, with bond set at $25,000 each.

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