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Kaufman County Prepares for Solar Eclipse Surge with Disaster Declaration

Kaufman County Judge Jakie Allen has taken proactive measures ahead of the total solar eclipse slated for April 8, 2024, by issuing a Disaster Declaration. Effective from April 5th to April 9th, the declaration aims to manage the anticipated influx of visitors to the county eager to witness the rare celestial event.

Judge Allen has underscored the significance of this step, given the projected surge in visitors expected to converge on Kaufman County, with estimates reaching approximately 200,000 people. This influx is poised to effectively double the county's population, particularly impacting the cities of Kaufman and Terrell, which lie along the eclipse's centerline and are anticipated to draw the most spectators.

In light of the potential strain on public resources and safety agencies posed by the sudden surge in population, Judge Allen has also penned a letter to Governor Abbott, urging him to issue a State Disaster Declaration. Such a declaration would facilitate the availability of additional state assets if needed during this period of heightened activity.

Notably, Chambers of Commerce have fielded inquiries from numerous states and countries worldwide, underscoring the global interest in witnessing the rare astronomical event. However, the substantial increase in population, even if temporary, is expected to place significant demands on local public safety agencies, potentially affecting their ability to respond to emergency calls effectively.

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