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East Texas Man Sentenced to 50 Years for Murder of Longview Teen

Laderrion Devonte Johnson has been handed a 50-year prison term after admitting guilt to the murder of Longview teenager Rahsaan "Bobo" Jefferson. The sentencing took place in a Gregg County courtroom on Monday morning.

Victim: Rahsaan Jefferson

The incident unfolded on August 8, 2022, when Johnson, aged 30, fatally shot 14-year-old Jefferson, who was a freshman football player at Longview High School. Subsequent to the shooting, Johnson fled the scene and sought refuge in a motel situated on N. Spur 63 in Longview.

Law enforcement officials apprehended Johnson three days later, following a standoff at the motel. The arrest concluded without further complications.

In addition to the murder charge, Johnson faced further legal consequences. He received ten years for each of three counts of aggravated assault and an additional five years for unlawful possession of a firearm, being a felon. These sentences will run concurrently with his 50-year term for murder.

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