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City of Pittsburg, Texas Gears Up for Spectacular Total Solar Eclipse in 2024

The City of Pittsburg is set to become a celestial hotspot as it anticipates a total solar eclipse in April 2024, promising sky-gazers a breathtaking three and a half minutes of eclipse totality. In support of the astronomical event, the Simons Foundation has generously awarded the city a $10,000 grant.

Pittsburg Promotional Assistant Sandy Thompson expressed excitement about utilizing the grant to fund various activities, including science-related events and collaborations with local businesses for planned festivities. "We'll use a lot of it to fund some of the activities that we'll be doing, science activities, partnering with some of our local businesses in planning events and things," Thompson stated.

The grant will play a crucial role in procuring viewing glasses, planning necessary infrastructure, and other essential preparations. Additionally, the city estimates a total expenditure of around $25,000 for the grand event. Multiple viewing locations will be available for sky-watchers, ranging from the serene surroundings of Los Pinos Winery and Efurd Orchards to the vibrant heart of downtown.

Pittsburg Mayor David Abernathy emphasized the significance of the upcoming celestial event, noting, "This will only occur again in this spot in about 375 years from now. So it’s a huge deal, it’s coming to our town. It’s coming to a town near you."

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