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Greenville Police Department Busts Drug Operation on Oneal Street

Greenville Police Department narcotics officers conducted a successful operation this morning, uncovering an illegal drug operation at 1004 Oneal Street. After obtaining a search warrant, officers discovered a cache of illicit substances and a stolen firearm within the residence.

The search revealed a significant quantity of drugs, including crack cocaine, PCP, methamphetamine, and marijuana. Alongside these illegal substances, a stolen firearm was also recovered during the operation.

As a result of the raid, two individuals were arrested in connection with drug and weapon-related charges. Shamell Lucas and Jesse Franklin III were taken into custody at the scene.

Shamell Lucas faces the following charges:

  1. UNL POSS FIREARM BY FELON (No bond info)
  2. POSS MARIJ >4OZ<=5LBS ($25,000 bond)
  3. MAN DEL CS PG 1 >=4G<200G Cocaine ($200,000 bond)
  4. MAN DEL CS PG 1 >=4G<200G Meth ($200,000 bond)
  5. MAN DEL CS PG 1 >=4G<200G PCP ($125,000 bond)

Jesse Franklin IV has been charged with the following:

  1. MAN DEL CS PG 1 >=4G<200G Cocaine ($200,000 bond)
  2. MAN DEL CS PG 1 >=4G<200G Meth ($200,000 bond)
  3. MAN DEL CS PG 1 >=4G<200G PCP ($125,000 bond)
  4. POSS MARIJ >4OZ<=5LBS ($25,000 bond)

The investigation into this drug operation is ongoing, and the Greenville Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community by addressing illegal drug activities within the city.




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