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Paris Police Arrest Two in Vehicle Accident - One for Tampering with Evidence, the Other for DWI

Christopher Bladen Eller

On Friday, November 3, at 1:19 pm, Paris Police Officers responded to a vehicle accident in the 1300 block of Clarksville Street. A bystander at the scene reported that a male individual had been the driver of the at-fault vehicle. The witness further stated that the male driver had exited the vehicle, fled behind a nearby building, and disposed of an item.

The driver was identified as Christopher Bladen Eller, 18, who initially denied being the one behind the wheel. In contrast, a female at the scene insisted that she had been the driver of the vehicle.

Upon hearing statements from witnesses, Eller eventually confessed to his actions, admitting that he had attempted to discard marijuana on top of a building nearby. He directed officers to the location where he had disposed of the marijuana, but despite their efforts, the substance could not be found.

As a result of his actions, Christopher Bladen Eller was placed under arrest for Third-Degree Felony-Tampering with Physical Evidence with Intent to Impair.

The female subject, who had claimed to be the driver, admitted to consuming THC wax and was subsequently arrested for Class B-Driving While Intoxicated.

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