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Boil Water Notice Issued for City of Commerce

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has mandated the City of Commerce, PWS 1160003 public water system to issue a boil water notice to all its customers due to unexplained low water pressure. The notice is in effect until further notice.

Customers of the public water system are advised to boil their water before consumption, which includes activities such as washing hands and face, brushing teeth, and drinking. It is crucial to follow these precautions, especially for children, seniors, and individuals with weakened immune systems, who are particularly susceptible to harmful bacteria.

To ensure the elimination of any harmful bacteria and microbes, water used for drinking, cooking, and making ice must be brought to a vigorous rolling boil and then boiled for two minutes.

If boiling is not an option, residents may opt for bottled water or seek an alternative safe water source for drinking and other human consumption purposes.

Public water system officials will inform customers when it is no longer necessary to boil the water, indicating that it is safe for drinking and other human consumption purposes.

Once the boil water notice is lifted, the public water system will issue a notice to customers, notifying them that the water is safe for use in a manner similar to this notice. 


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