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Data Breach Notification at Greenville ISD

Greenville ISD (GISD) recently reported a data breach involving Raptor, a third-party vendor used by the school district for managing front office check-ins. The incident, notified to GISD by Raptor, may have exposed certain data to a lone cybersecurity researcher.

The potentially accessed information includes:

  • Student names and lunch numbers
  • Staff names and usernames
  • Guardian names
  • The identifier number used by Raptor support only

Raptor has assured GISD that the data and documents involved were accessed solely by the cybersecurity researcher and not by any other third parties. Furthermore, Raptor clarified that the accessed data was not specifically linked to GISD.

In response to the situation, Raptor stated, "We have informed all Raptor customers. There is currently no evidence to suggest that any data was accessed by external parties beyond the cybersecurity researcher and Raptor Technologies personnel. We have no reason to suspect any misuse of this information."

GISD emphasizes its commitment to safeguarding educational data and is actively investigating the matter in collaboration with Raptor. Both entities are dedicated to keeping the community informed, and any updates or developments from Raptor will be promptly shared with parents, staff, and families.

The investigation into the data breach is ongoing, and GISD remains focused on securing educational data and ensuring the privacy of its students, staff, and guardians.

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