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Hunt County Shared Ministries Announces Halt on Rent and Utilities Assistance Applications

Hunt County Shared Ministries (HCSM) has announced that, beginning on September 13, 2023, they will temporarily stop accepting new applications for rent and utilities assistance. This decision comes in response to the overwhelming number of financial assistance requests received by the organization, coupled with an increased influx of new applicants.

The surge in applications has placed a strain on HCSM's staff, volunteers, and financial resources, stretching their capacity beyond its current limits. Consequently, as of September 13, 2023, HCSM will not be receiving any new applications for rent or utilities assistance, both through online and in-person channels, until October 1, 2023. A reassessment of this decision will take place at that time.

Hunt County Shared Ministries is requesting the community's patience and understanding during this period, emphasizing their continued commitment to serving their current applicants. Food assistance will still be available through the pantry and at Produce Thursdays.

For those interested in contributing to the organization's efforts and helping expand their capacity to assist the community, HCSM is actively seeking volunteers and financial resources. They require 2-3 additional professional office volunteers daily to assist with processing requests. Please note that County Community service hours are not available for these office positions.

If you wish to make a difference and support HCSM in its mission, you are encouraged to reach out to the Hunt County Shared Ministries office. You can contact Wally at or call the office after 2 p.m. at 903-455-0545 to explore volunteer opportunities or provide financial assistance.

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