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Wood County Sheriff’s Office Reports Multiple Incidents from August 30 to September 5, 2023

The Wood County Sheriff’s Office has been busy responding to a variety of incidents from August 30 to September 5, 2023. Here is a summary of some of the notable events during this period:

August 30:

  • A caller reported that her cousin had taken her vehicle without permission, even though it had been returned. The vehicle's tracker indicated it had been taken. No charges were pursued.
  • A warrant service on County Road 2165 led to the arrest of Kevin Hudson for an outstanding warrant.
  • A traffic stop in the Quitman area resulted in the discovery of methamphetamine, leading to the arrest of an individual on charges of manufacture/deliver.
  • Deputies responded to a house fire on County Road 2298, which was fully engulfed. The fire was reportedly caused by cooking oil.

August 31:

  • Sgt Morrison and Corporal Croney responded to a vehicle accident involving a child. Deputies provided aid until EMS arrived and later facilitated the patient's transport via care flight.
  • A warrant service at Adult Probation resulted in the arrest of Daniel Gonzalez for an outstanding warrant.
  • Deputies arrested Robert Gibson for assault following a disturbance on Private Road 7533.

September 1:

  • Deputies were dispatched to a burglary on County Road 1560 but found that both parties involved lived at the residence. The incident had stemmed from an argument, and the parties had calmed down.
  • An agency assist was conducted in Jarvis after two females reportedly consumed candy containing drugs and became ill.
  • Deputy Comeaux located an abandoned dirt bike on FM 14, which was towed due to a lack of a VIN.

September 2:

  • Deputy Kovic responded to a report of a suspicious person on FM 515. Video evidence showed an individual going through cars on the property, leading to plans for extra patrol in the area.
  • A house fire in Holly Lake Ranch was extinguished with only porch damage, thanks to the homeowner and a fireman.
  • Sgt Mayer and Deputy Way responded to a report of a suspicious person on FM 1804, where a female had broken down and encountered a harassing male.

September 3:

  • Deputy Kovic took a theft report by phone, as the caller reported several items stolen from his deer lease.
  • Rodney Andrews was arrested for two felonies and four misdemeanors after fleeing on foot during an encounter with Deputy Skinner in Holly Lake Ranch.
  • Deputies responded to a disturbance in Hawkins but found that no offense had occurred after speaking with both parties.

September 4:

  • Deputies responded to various incidents, including a public assist to locate an individual lost in the woods, a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and a disturbance involving allegations of assault and threats.
  • Clay Whittiker was arrested for assault, and Johnny Whittiker was arrested for terroristic threats during a disturbance on County Road 2310.

September 5:

  • Deputy Pollard took an assault report in the lobby involving an individual who was allegedly struck in the face by a friend.
  • Another request to speak in the lobby pertained to a previous assault case, with Child Protective Services (CPS) involvement.
  • An assault in Holly Lake Ranch involving a suspect who had taken meth led to the arrest of Marshall Freeman.
  • Warrant services conducted on FM 3056 and County Road 1590 resulted in the arrests of Jiles Jaco and Jason Jenkins, respectively, for outstanding warrants.

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