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Texarkana Police Arrest Miami Man for Stolen Vehicle and Drug Possession

Keith Lachapelle

Keith Lachapelle, a resident of Miami, Florida, found himself in police custody on the morning of Saturday, August 26, 2023, after Texarkana Police Officer Chastina Wilburn spotted the stolen vehicle he was driving. Lachapelle was apprehended and now faces multiple charges.

Officer Wilburn initiated a traffic stop when she recognized the vehicle as stolen. During the encounter, Lachapelle repeatedly provided the false name "Michael Resterpo" to Officer Wilburn. A search for a driver's license under that name yielded no results, prompting suspicions. Aware of the vehicle's stolen status, Officer Wilburn expected deceit regarding his identity.

Lachapelle was placed under arrest for the stolen vehicle and taken into custody at the Bi-State Jail. However, it wasn't until he was informed that he would be fingerprinted that he confessed his actual identity. He attempted to justify his earlier false claims by explaining that he operated under two names—one for Florida and another for Arkansas due to issues obtaining a driver's license with his real name.

Subsequent investigations revealed additional offenses. An inventory of the impounded vehicle led to the discovery of a firearm and more than 400 Hydrocodone and Oxycodone pills. As a result, Lachapelle faced further charges related to drug possession and unlawful firearm possession.

Lachapelle's charges include Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, Failure to Identify, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon. A presiding judge set his combined bond at $58,000. Currently detained at the Bi-State Jail, Lachapelle awaits legal proceedings for his alleged crimes.

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