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Winnsboro Man Arrested for Public Intoxication after Waving at Vehicles on Highway 11

Booking photo of Raymond Murphy

A peculiar incident unfolded late in the evening on August 27, 2023, as Hopkins County deputies responded to a call regarding an individual causing a disturbance on Highway 11 East.

Just moments before the stroke of midnight, deputies were dispatched to the 16400 block of Highway 11 East in response to reports of a man without a shirt or shoes waving at passing vehicles. The man was identified as Raymond Murphy Jr, a 59-year-old resident of Winnsboro.

Upon arriving at the scene, deputies encountered Mr. Murphy, who was observed waving his arms in the air in an erratic manner. Notably, Murphy's pupils appeared constricted, and he seemed disoriented about his surroundings. Deputies attempted to administer a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test, a standard field sobriety test used to detect impairment, but Murphy was unable to follow instructions.

Given his condition and behavior, authorities determined that Raymond Murphy Jr posed a potential danger to himself and others. Consequently, he was taken into custody without further incident.

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