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Explosive Materials Uncovered by Construction Crew in Greenville

At approximately 12:21 pm on October 3, 2023, a construction crew working around Roy Warren Parkway and Traders stumbled upon what appeared to be explosive materials buried underground. The Greenville Police Department swiftly responded to the scene and confirmed the discovery.

The origins of these explosives remain unknown, but they seem to have been buried in the location for several years, posing a potential threat to the public safety. In response, the Greenville Police Department reached out to the Garland Police Department, requesting their Bomb Unit's assistance in removing the hazardous materials.

Upon their arrival, the bomb technicians from the Garland Police Department carefully placed charges on the explosives and conducted a controlled detonation. The operation involved five separate smaller explosives to safely neutralize the danger from a distance.

Greenville Police officials have expressed gratitude to the Garland Police Department for their collaboration in resolving this potentially dangerous situation. 

Further details about the origin and purpose of the buried explosives are currently under investigation.

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