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ClearSky Health Announces Plans for State-of-the-Art Rehabilitation Hospital in Rockwall

ClearSky Health, a leading rehabilitative healthcare provider, has revealed its plans to construct a new 36-bed medical rehabilitation hospital in Rockwall, Texas.

The ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Rockwall will cater to patients recovering from various debilitating injuries and illnesses, such as strokes, brain injuries, hip fractures, spinal injuries, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and medically-complex conditions like COVID-19. Situated on approximately 6 acres near 25 Hope Drive, the facility is anticipated to treat over 650 patients annually and generate around 100 new jobs for the local community.

Distinguishing itself from other rehabilitative programs, ClearSky Rockwall will feature a highly trained team, specialized equipment, a state-of-the-art facility, and an integrative approach to patient care. The hospital will be licensed and accredited, utilize an interdisciplinary team approach to care, employ a physician with specialized training in rehabilitation, offer rehabilitative nursing 24/7, and provide patients with a minimum of 15 hours per week of physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy.

National studies indicate that patients treated at medical rehabilitation hospitals experience earlier returns home, extended stays at home, reduced hospital readmissions and ER visits, and increased longevity compared to those treated at nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities.

Darby Brockette, CEO of ClearSky Health, stated, “Our intent is to enhance the quality of life for residents of the region by fulfilling an unmet healthcare need.” He emphasized the hospital's goal of providing a continuum of care to maximize patients' recoveries, allowing them to regain independence and return to activities they enjoy.

Brockette highlighted the convenience for patients, as they can remain near their homes during the healing process, minimizing logistical concerns and emotional stress for both patients and their families. The hospital encourages family involvement, with family members and caregivers playing an integral role in the recovery process.

Upon its opening, ClearSky Rockwall will facilitate patients setting individual goals with an interdisciplinary healthcare team, ensuring personalized care. The 45,000-square-foot building will offer private rooms, a rehabilitative gym with specialized equipment, a dining room with dedicated chef and food service staff, an activity of daily living space, and an outside therapeutic courtyard with various walking terrains.

The hospital's commitment to comprehensive care is exemplified by its stroke rehabilitation program, incorporating 228 evidence-based recommendations from the American Stroke Association. Staff will be educated in stroke rehabilitation techniques to tailor treatment plans to individual patient needs.

An exceptional aspect of ClearSky Rockwall's care involves staff engagement after a patient's discharge, ensuring ongoing support for the highest levels of independence and success during recovery.

Groundbreaking for ClearSky Rockwall is scheduled for Spring 2024, with the hospital expected to open its doors in Spring 2025. ClearSky Health, with 12 medical rehabilitation hospitals across several states and additional facilities in the planning stages, looks forward to serving the Rockwall community and the broader region.

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