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Three Juvenile Suspects Apprehended After Burglary Attempt in Texarkana

Demarkes Tucker

Late last night, at approximately 12:45 AM, the Texarkana Police Department received a 911 call from the owner of a business located in the 4700 block of Texas Blvd. The frantic caller reported that he was observing a live feed video from his store and had spotted three male individuals in the process of breaking into his establishment.

Before law enforcement could arrive at the scene, the business owner informed the 911 dispatcher that the trespassers had departed and were fleeing the area. Responding to the situation, Sergeant D.E. Evans made a strategic move, parking his patrol car in a nearby neighborhood and initiating a cautious approach towards the targeted business.

As Sgt. Evans neared the intersection of W. 46th and Walnut Streets, he spotted three individuals dressed in dark clothing and armed with a flashlight. Upon realizing they had been spotted, all three suspects swiftly fled in the direction of Stateline Avenue, crossing through yards and leaping over fences. Officer Ty Ford managed to apprehend one of the fleeing suspects, while the other two managed to escape.

With the realization that the remaining two suspects were likely trapped within the fenced area of Orr Volkswagen, officers began a systematic search. After a brief search, Sgt. Cody Harris located both individuals hiding inside an SUV on the car lot. One suspect attempted to escape but was swiftly apprehended a few blocks away by Sgt. Evans and TAPD Sgt. Tanner Freeman, who had come to assist.

Demarkes Tucker, aged 17, and two 15-year-old juveniles, were subsequently charged with Burglary of a Building and Evading Arrest. Tucker was taken into custody and transported to the Bi-State Jail, while the two juveniles were taken to a Juvenile Detention Center. During the arrest, officers discovered over $400 worth of vaping batteries in a backpack carried by one of the juveniles.

Demarkes Tucker's bond was set at $33,000.

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