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Assault Occurs in Paris: Juvenile Victim Attacked After Exiting School Bus

Paris Police Officers received a distressing report of an assault in the 800 block of 5th SE, involving a juvenile victim and another individual who attend the same school. The incident unfolded as the victim was disembarking from the school bus and walking towards their home.

According to witnesses at the scene, the assailant, later identified as the suspect, launched a sudden attack on the victim from behind. The suspect reportedly grabbed the victim's hair and forcefully pulled them to the ground. The horrifying incident escalated as the suspect proceeded to repeatedly strike the victim in the face.

The victim's identity and condition have not been disclosed at this time. However, it is known that both individuals involved in the incident are students at the same school, suggesting a potential connection between them.

The Paris Police Department has launched an investigation into the assault, with officers actively working to gather evidence and interview witnesses. The motive behind the attack remains unclear.

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