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Shootout at Rose Rudman Park in Tyler Leads to Arrest and Hospitalization, Nearby Schools Put on Lockout

A shooting incident at Rose Rudman Park on Copeland Road in Tyler resulted in one person being shot and another arrested for deadly conduct, according to a statement from the Tyler Police Department (PD).

Authorities revealed that the shooting occurred during a confrontation between two groups of individuals, with one group situated within the park and the other inside a vehicle. Initial reports suggest that the suspects within the vehicle fired shots at the group gathered in the park, prompting a retaliatory response from the park group. The exchange of gunfire caused panic and chaos at the scene.

Preliminary investigations unveiled that preceding the shooting, a physical altercation had taken place involving several individuals at the park, though the identities of those involved have not yet been disclosed, Tyler PD officials stated.

During a press conference, Tyler PD's spokesperson, Andy Erbaugh, revealed that law enforcement conducted searches of residences in the vicinity of Copeland Road and Rose Rudman Park in an effort to locate the suspect. Erbaugh emphasized that there was no indication that the suspect had ventured near any local schools.

A search warrant executed at one of the residences reportedly led to the discovery and confiscation of a cache of firearms, including pistols and long guns.

In connection with the incident, 17-year-old Jace Ogilvie was taken into custody and subsequently booked into the Smith County Jail on charges of deadly conduct. The shooting involved multiple gunshots, resulting in the injury of 18-year-old Willie Ogilvie. The victim sustained a gunshot wound to the lower back and was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Due to the proximity of the shooting to nearby schools, precautionary measures were enacted. Several schools were placed on secure lockout while law enforcement managed the scene, ensuring the safety of students and faculty.

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