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Wood County Sheriff's Office Reports Week of 8/16/23 - 8/22/23

The Wood County Sheriff's Office has released a summary of incidents and responses from August 16 to August 22, 2023. Here are some notable occurrences during this period:

August 16:

  • Corporal Croney received a theft report via phone. The caller reported a missing phone and unauthorized deposits from her bank account after riding with a friend. Suspect information was provided, and an investigation is underway.
  • Deputy Pollard responded to a criminal trespass in Holly Lake Ranch. The property owner reported unauthorized individuals staying in her house. Two individuals were trespassed, while the third was not found on the scene.
  • Corporal Rapp took a report of a husband violating bond conditions by coming to the caller's residence. A report was filed.
  • A theft on County Road 1885 was reported to Corporal Rapp. The property owner alleged that her son broke into her room and stole items. The owner wished to press charges.

August 17:

  • Corporal Rapp and Deputy Way were dispatched to a suicidal subject on FM 69. Deputies located the intoxicated individual and arranged for them to receive treatment.
  • Deputy Smith and Deputy Way responded to a criminal trespass in Holly Lake Ranch involving the same individuals from a previous incident. The suspects did not respond to attempts to contact them.
  • A report of indecent exposure on FM 2966 was received by Sgt Williams and Corporal Rapp. A male was found walking naked, admitted to using narcotics, and was transported by EMS.

August 18:

  • Deputies responded to a terroristic threat on County Road 3234, where an ex-spouse threatened the caller's life.
  • Deputy Rapp was dispatched to a theft on FM 2869 involving a stolen vehicle, which was later recovered.
  • A victim reported paying for cows advertised on Facebook, only to find the address was an abandoned property.
  • Deputy Comeaux responded to an assault at Lake Holbrook, where a victim was punched in the face. The suspect was not located.

August 19:

  • Deputy Skinner took a theft report on County Road 4150, involving a stolen vehicle with money inside.
  • Deputy Skinner also responded to a burglary on County Road 4150, where tools were reported missing from a storage building.
  • Disturbance at Lake Winnsboro led to the arrest of Jacob Williams for public intoxication.

August 20:

  • Deputy Comeaux handled a harassment call involving unwanted attention from a soon-to-be ex-husband.
  • Corporal Burdick executed a warrant service, arresting Bobby Lindley on outstanding warrants.
  • Deputy Rapp responded to an assault on Private Road 6994 involving vehicle damage and subsequent altercations.
  • A stolen vehicle was reported in Hawkins, which was later recovered.

August 21:

  • Deputy Pollard responded to a criminal trespass on Hwy 37 and arrested James Ellison for possession of a controlled substance.
  • Deputies encountered subjects fleeing into the woods during a dispute on County Road 3600. Shae Robinson and Jerome Sevenson were arrested for evading.
  • Sgt Morrison and Corporal Croney arrested Xzabior Gordan on an active warrant during a search.
  • Deputy Way responded to theft reports and a burglary in Holly Lake Ranch.

August 22:

  • Sgt Cox took a fraud report involving a potential scam related to medical expenses.
  • Deputy Pollard addressed a suspicious vehicle on Hwy 154, and the individual was criminally trespassed from a store.
  • Warrant service in Holly Lake Ranch resulted in the arrest of Stephen Martin.

The Wood County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate these incidents and ensure the safety and well-being of the community. Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activities or emergencies promptly.

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