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Deputies Unravel Complex Scheme By Husband: Innocent Woman Saved from False Charges

Freestone County Sheriff Deputies foiled an elaborate scheme aimed at falsely implicating an innocent woman in a vehicle theft. The incident, which unfolded on Saturday, August 25th, near Fairfield and Teague, involved a web of deception and manipulation.

Initially responding to reports of a burglary in progress, deputies discovered a woman on the premises who turned out to be the victim of a family violence assault case. Her husband had recently been arrested on charges related to the assault. She had returned to retrieve her belongings from the residence.

However, the situation took a twist when it was revealed that the woman was found driving a vehicle reported as stolen by a neighbor. The woman claimed ownership of the vehicle, leading deputies to re-evaluate the case. The neighbor had provided documents, including a title and a hand-written bill of sale, but sharp-eyed deputies noticed inconsistencies in the signatures.

Further investigation led Sgt. Martin and Sgt. Weinmann to the truth: the woman's husband had orchestrated a fraudulent bill of sale and manipulated the neighbor into signing the title. The plan was to make it appear as though the woman had stolen the vehicle, implicating her in a crime she hadn't committed.

The diligent follow-up by the deputies resulted in the arrest of both the husband and the female neighbor accomplice. The husband, already in custody for assault and family violence, now faces additional charges of forgery and falsely reporting to authorities. The female neighbor has also been charged with false reporting.

Freestone County Sheriff's Office commended Deputies Leatherman, Fogle, Pickens, Sgt. Martin, and Sgt. Weinmann for their dedication and teamwork in uncovering the truth. Their efforts ensured that justice was served to the rightful culprits, safeguarding the innocent victim from further harm.

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