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Unwanted Shed Occupants Arrested for Felony Warrant in Paris, Texas

Latest booking photo of Heather Urquhart

Paris Police Officers responded to a security check call on August 23, 2023, at 8:20 pm, regarding a property in the 600 block of SE 9th in Paris, Texas. The report indicated the presence of unauthorized occupants living in a shed on the property. Upon arrival, officers discovered two individuals residing in the shed located at the rear of the property. One of the occupants was identified as 37-year-old Heather Urquhart.

Further investigation, including a routine warrant check, revealed that Heather Urquhart was wanted for the charge of Unauthorized Absence from a Community Correction Facility, classified as a State Jail Felony. Without any resistance, officers proceeded to arrest Urquhart and booked her into custody.

This is not the first encounter with the law for Heather Urquhart this year. On March 2, 2023, at 7:42 am, Paris Police Dispatch received a call reporting a burglary at a residence situated in the 500 block of SE 17th Street. The caller provided descriptions of a male and a female suspect believed to be involved in the incident. In a twist of events, Heather Nicole Urquhart, a 37-year-old homeless woman, was apprehended in the area for an unrelated offense of walking on the wrong side of the roadway.

Upon questioning, Urquhart admitted to her involvement in the burglary alongside Aaron Lee Kitchens, a 47-year-old homeless man. Both suspects were subsequently charged with the burglary of a habitation. The investigation led officers to Aaron Lee Kitchens, who was discovered beneath a nearby residence carrying several stolen items from the burglary. Kitchens faced additional charges of Criminal Trespass-B due to his unauthorized presence under the nearby residence.

In the course of the burglary, the suspects had managed to remove a water heater from the residence and ingeniously strapped it onto a baby stroller. The stolen property was recovered as evidence.

The recent incidents involving Urquhart shed light on the complexities of homelessness, property-related crimes, and the efforts required to uphold the law and protect citizens.

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