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Kaufman County Approves Committee for New Juvenile Detention Center

The Kaufman County Commissioners Court has approved the formation of a committee to build a new Juvenile Detention Center. Officials stated that the county should own and operate this new facility.

As Kaufman County continues to see record growth, local officials state that a Juvenile Detention Center is necessary to house juvenile offenders locally. The new center, designed for juveniles aged 10 to 16 who, by law, cannot be housed with adult offenders, is not just a necessity but also a cost-effective solution. The county is incurring significant expenses by transporting offenders to distant facilities. The new center will eliminate these costs, providing substantial savings for taxpayers.

“Right now, what we do is contract out to other counties to house our kids,” stated Trenis Ramsey to the Court. Ramsey is the Chief Juvenile Probation Officer in Kaufman County. “Last night, a female was arrested, and we had to send her to Marshall.”

Ramsey stated that the new center would be in Kaufman County to ensure the county has a place to house the children once they are arrested.

Criminal District Attorney Erleigh Wiley told the Court that it’s widely known that Kaufman County doesn’t have a place to put the kids if they are arrested for an offense. “We need to reverse that and say that we make sure they know if a crime is committed...a Class B or above, felonies or dangerous offenses or repeat offenses...that there is a place for them,” stated DA Wiley to the Court.

During the discussion, Commissioner Tommy Moore emphasized to the Court and officials that he wants the committee to plan for 10 to 15 years down the line when putting this facility together to accommodate future growth. He also emphasized that the committee shouldn’t be concerned about taking the lowest dollar amount for a price tag, yet they should ensure this facility is adequate to withstand the usage.

The committee is expected to comprise local officials, superintendents, and community members, including the Pastor of First Baptist Church in Kaufman.

During the meeting, County Judge Jakie Allen stated that this new facility would allow inter-local agreements with other counties to house their offenders, which could help offset the cost.

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