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Fort Worth Police Seize Large Cache of Drugs and Firearms in East Fort Worth Operation

On June 26, 2024, Fort Worth Police conducted surveillance operations in East Fort Worth on Boca Canyon Dr, resulting in a significant narcotics arrest. The operation, aimed at removing dangerous materials from the community, led to the seizure of various illicit substances and firearms. Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes praised the officers for their efforts, emphasizing the department's commitment to combatting drug trafficking and enhancing public safety.

The seized items included:

  • 25.99 lbs. of Marijuana
  • 819g THC
  • 1,632g Ecstasy
  • 1,102g Cocaine
  • 1,371g Methamphetamine
  • 133g Hydrocodone
  • 2g Oxycodone
  • 42g Heroin
  • 27.2 g Fentanyl
  • 108g Alprazolam
  • 145g Promethazine
  • 2 AR-Rifles
  • 3 Handguns
  • $42,000 in cash

The successful operation underscored the ongoing efforts of Fort Worth Police to safeguard neighborhoods from the detrimental impacts of illegal drugs.

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