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Rains County Sheriff Issues Teen Safety Alert Over -Assassins- Game

Rains County Sheriff M. Hopkins has issued a public warning to parents regarding a potentially dangerous game circulating among teens. Known as "assassins," the game involves participants either individually or in teams, each assigned a target from a list of players. Originally using water guns, the game has evolved to include what appears to be rubber ball guns, with players documenting their hits on social media.

While the game is intended to be harmless, Sheriff Hopkins expressed concerns about its potential to escalate quickly. Reports have surfaced of teens placing GPS trackers on vehicles of their targets, and incidents where misunderstandings led to police responses, such as mistaking a teen with a water gun for a real threat in low light conditions.

Most incidents related to the game have involved trespassing, prompting property owners to express their disapproval. Despite the existence of rules, Sheriff Hopkins emphasized that the behavior of participants can vary widely. With safety being the primary concern, especially given the lack of life experience among many teens, Hopkins urged parents to educate themselves about the risks associated with the game and to remain vigilant to prevent accidents.

The Sheriff's office aims to keep the community informed and ensure that what starts as innocent fun does not lead to more serious consequences.

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