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Lake Livingston Dam Undergoing Repairs Following Heavy Rain and Flooding

The Lake Livingston Dam, located northeast of Houston, Texas, sustained damage from recent intense rainfall and subsequent flooding. The primary concern is erosion in certain areas of the dam due to the high flows from the storms.

Crews and material suppliers are working tirelessly in a restricted construction zone to expedite repairs and ensure the dam's stability, particularly in preparation for potential future storm events. The effort includes 24-hour monitoring to promptly address any emerging issues.

The extent of the damage became more evident as water levels receded post-rainfall, prompting officials to initiate plans to lower the lake's water level. This step aims to facilitate safer and more effective repair operations.

Despite the challenges posed by the recent weather, the Lake Livingston Dam, originally completed in 1969 and fully filled by 1971, currently shows no signs of imminent failure or breach. Routine operations of the dam will continue as usual, with gate adjustments made as necessary based on ongoing construction activities and environmental conditions.

The Trinity River Authority (TRA), responsible for managing the dam, is closely coordinating with local emergency management agencies to ensure that communities downstream remain informed and prepared. Residents are advised to stay updated through official channels and to follow any instructions issued by local authorities regarding potential emergency actions.

The TRA has declared a "potential failure watch," which remains in effect while ongoing assessments and repairs progress. Updates on the situation will be provided promptly should there be any changes in the declaration status.

As of now, there is no impact on water services for customers served by Lake Livingston, with the TRA assuring continued monitoring and operational adjustments as needed to maintain safety and stability.

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