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Bomb Threats Targeting Brookshire's and East Texas Locations Linked to Juvenile Suspect

In a collaborative effort, the Collin County Sheriff’s Office, Tyler Police Department, Smith County Sheriff’s Office, and FBI executed a targeted search warrant in Smith County on Saturday, June 29th. This operation was part of a broader investigation into a series of bomb threats and swatting incidents that have plagued multiple states.

The investigation was initiated in May following a swatting incident in St. Paul, Texas, where emergency services were falsely summoned to a residence. Through extensive investigative work and the execution of numerous search warrants, law enforcement agencies successfully identified a juvenile suspect believed to be responsible for orchestrating these dangerous hoaxes.

The suspect’s activities extended across a wide geographic area, including Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, West Virginia, North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. Over 100 locations were reportedly targeted by these malicious actions, including bomb threats at Brookshire’s grocery stores, schools in the Tyler area, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, and Mission ISD.

Despite the suspect’s efforts to conceal their identity using sophisticated methods, law enforcement agencies were able to uncover crucial evidence through diligent online investigative techniques. The investigation remains ongoing, with charges pending against the juvenile suspect.

Law enforcement officials highlighted the severity of swatting incidents and bomb threats, which pose significant risks to public safety and strain emergency response resources. Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner emphasized the importance of inter-agency cooperation in addressing these serious threats, affirming their commitment to identifying and prosecuting those responsible for endangering innocent civilians through such dangerous activities.

The City of Tyler Police Department, Smith County Sheriff's Office, and FBI - Dallas are continuing their joint efforts to ensure the safety and security of communities affected by these incidents.

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