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Kilgore Police Arrest 18-Year-Old After High-Speed Chase

On Monday, June 24, 2024, officers from the Kilgore College Police Department (KCPD) stopped a vehicle for running a stop sign at 40 mph through a college intersection. Initially, the driver complied and stopped the vehicle. However, as the KCPD sergeant approached the vehicle for additional information, the driver sped off.

Kilgore Police Department (KPD) Corporal Gesik, who was nearby, initiated a pursuit. The driver began driving recklessly and running stop signs in residential neighborhoods. Corporal Gesik decided to discontinue the pursuit, showing restraint and discretion.

The driver had already identified himself to the officers, and the KCPD sergeant had sufficient information to write a warrant. On Tuesday, June 25th, a warrant was obtained for Juan Loredo. KPD and KCPD officers arrested Loredo at his residence on Dudley Lane.

18-year-old Juan Loredo now faces a felony charge, having initially been stopped for a stop sign violation.

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