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Kaufman County Street Crimes Task Force Seizes Fentanyl Pills in Forney Drug Bust

On June 4, 2024, the Kaufman County Street Crimes Task Force executed a successful operation in Forney, Texas, acting on information suggesting the presence of illegal dangerous drugs in a residential area. The task force, comprising multiple local law enforcement agencies, swiftly intervened to prevent the distribution of these substances within the community.

Initial reports indicated that the suspect might be dealing in Ecstasy, but upon investigation, it was discovered that the pills contained the lethal substance Fentanyl. Over 100 Fentanyl pills were seized from the Forney resident, who confessed to selling other drugs like Xanax and marijuana, known colloquially as "bars" and "Gas" respectively.

The suspect was apprehended and is currently in custody at the Kaufman County Jail awaiting charges.

Anyone with information about this or other crimes is encouraged to contact the Forney Police Department Criminal Investigations Division by phone at 972-552-6287. Information can also be left anonymously with Kaufman County Crime Stoppers at 877-847-7522 or and if that information leads to an arrest, a reward could be granted to the caller.

The Kaufman County Street Crimes Task Force, established by collaborative efforts of local law enforcement agencies, has been proactive in combating criminal activities since its inception. Besides drug-related offenses, the task force has also dealt with cases involving murder charges and recovered multiple firearms from criminals. Its primary objective remains ensuring the safety and security of the citizens of Kaufman County.

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