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Woman Arrested After Disturbing Discovery of Animal Cruelty in Titus County

Titus County Sheriff Deputies made a distressing discovery on Saturday, May 25th, 2024, while assisting in the execution of a Writ of Possession in Winfield, TX. During the process, Sheriff’s Investigator Sgt. Rendy Barrett and Precinct Two Constable Ray Barrett stumbled upon evidence suggesting prolonged and severe animal cruelty.

Inside the residence on the 100 block of West 3rd Street, the officers found four dogs in deplorable conditions. Two of them were severely malnourished, deprived of adequate food and water, and in a state of severe emaciation. Tragically, they also discovered the remains of a deceased dog, which appeared to have been partially consumed by two other dogs.

Despite efforts to reach the owner, 61-year-old Joeanne Criswell, she refused to cooperate or acknowledge ownership of the neglected animals. However, Sgt. Barrett's investigation uncovered compelling evidence linking Criswell to the dire condition of at least one of the dogs, which had to be euthanized due to its condition.

Following her investigation, Sgt. Barrett obtained three felony arrest warrants for Criswell on charges of Animal Cruelty to a Non-Livestock Animal. One of the dogs found was deemed healthy enough for potential adoption.

The appalling conditions in which these animals were found are condemned by authorities, emphasizing that such neglectful behavior will result in serious consequences, including felony charges and incarceration, where applicable.

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