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Mount Pleasant Fire Department Announces Changes in Titus County Fire Protection

Mount Pleasant Fire Department recently shared on social media about upcoming changes in fire protection services for Titus County. The department expressed that many residents might be unaware of developments in fire protection. For many years, Mount Pleasant Fire Department has been responsible for covering the area. However, recent votes in the county commissioners court have altered this arrangement.

In December 2022, the city and county reached an agreement on a 10-year plan. This plan involved an initial payment of $1.3 million annually for two years, followed by renegotiation yearly for the remaining eight years. Despite this agreement, a 3-2 vote in the commissioners' court on Sept. 25, 2023, triggered a clause to terminate the plan by the end of the year.

Mount Pleasant Fire Department stated that negotiations for a new deal would continue. Additionally, plans are in motion to establish a new county fire department. These developments mark a significant shift in fire protection services for Titus County, prompting attention and discussion among residents and local officials.

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