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Freestone County, Texas News

Two Women Arrested in Freestone County Shooting

Early Sunday morning, around 6 am, deputies from the Freestone County Sheriff's Office (FCSO), Deputies Miers and Aultman, rushed to the west side of the county following reports of a shooting.

Upon arrival, Deputies Miers and Aultman, assisted by Constable McGowan and DPS Trooper Gray, found themselves faced with a situation involving two male individuals allegedly targeted by a female suspect with gunfire. One of the male victims had sought refuge by fleeing into nearby woods.

Two females were detained at the residence for further questioning as part of the investigation into the shooting. In collaboration with Teague Volunteer Fire Department (VFD), authorities utilized an aerial drone to locate the male victim who had taken shelter in the woods.

All individuals involved, including two males and two females, were found to be unharmed. However, the gravity of the situation became apparent as law enforcement discovered evidence of the shooting, including bullet holes in exterior walls and spent casings.

In response, one female suspect was apprehended and charged with two counts of Attempted Murder (F2). As the investigation unfolded, authorities also uncovered a substantial quantity of illegal substances at the scene.

A total of 137 grams of liquid methamphetamine and 6 grams of crystal methamphetamine were seized, leading to additional charges against the second female suspect, along with the initial female in custody, for Manufacturing/Delivery Controlled Substance PG1 >=4g<200g (F1).

Law enforcement underscored the potentially dire consequences of the incident, expressing gratitude that no lives were lost. 

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