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Bogata Police Chief Addresses Funding Challenges

Bogata Police Chief Bruton issued a statement emphasizing the department's commitment to the community's safety. Since assuming the role in November 2022, Chief Bruton has prioritized modernizing the department's policies and procedures, ensuring officers receive top-notch training.

However, Chief Bruton highlighted ongoing challenges, including resistance from the city council regarding necessary funding for the department. The recent cancellation of a council meeting due to a lack of attendance underscores this issue. Additionally, a citizen's complaint about police vehicle purchases versus road repairs prompted an officer to clarify the department's funding situation.

Chief Bruton revealed that despite recent council-approved vehicle purchases, the department has not received day-to-day funding from the city for almost 15 years. Instead, funding has relied on the Bogata Crime Board, which recently ceased funding daily operations after external pressure, as its mandate focuses on community-oriented policing projects.

The lack of an itemized budget from the city means essential department needs, such as equipment, training, and maintenance, remain unfunded, impacting service delivery.

Chief Bruton expressed concern about resistance from within the community and pledged to continue serving despite adversity. He emphasized the department's contributions to community welfare and urged those spreading misinformation or pursuing personal agendas to reconsider their actions.

Chief Bruton reiterated his willingness to address community concerns and emphasized the department's unwavering commitment to serving Bogata.

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