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Lufkin Police Issues Warning Ahead of Expected Heavy Rainfall

Photo courtesy of Lufkin PD

The Lufkin Police Department has issued a warning to residents as more heavy rainfall is expected tomorrow, similar to Sunday's rain event. With the ground already saturated from previous rains, there is an increased risk of flash flooding and falling trees.

Authorities urge residents to stay informed and take necessary precautions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Here are some flood safety tips to consider:

  1. Turn Around, Don’t Drown: Avoid driving through flooded roadways as just a few inches of water can sweep vehicles away.
  2. Stay Informed: Keep up with local weather updates and alerts.
  3. Prepare Your Home: Move valuable items to higher ground and ensure your emergency kit is ready.
  4. Avoid Floodwaters: They can be contaminated and dangerous.
  5. Have an Evacuation Plan: Know your evacuation routes and have a plan in place in case you need to leave quickly.

In addition to flood safety, residents are advised to take precautions regarding falling trees. Saturated ground can weaken tree roots, increasing the likelihood of trees falling. Here are some tree safety tips:

  1. Beware of Falling Trees: Be cautious of leaning or damaged trees and branches that could fall.
  2. Inspect Your Property: Check for leaning or damaged trees and branches that could fall.
  3. Stay Indoors During Storms: Avoid being outside during heavy winds and rain.
  4. Park Safely: Avoid parking under trees or near large branches.

Authorities emphasize that safety is their priority and urge residents to stay safe and look out for further updates as the situation develops.

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