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Youthful Offenders Arrested in Freestone County for Illegal Gun Possession

Freestone County Sheriff's Office recently wrapped up an investigation that resulted in the arrest of two underage individuals connected to illegal firearm possession. Acting on a tip, Sgt. Weinmann led the investigation, uncovering alarming details.

It was found that one underage individual not only possessed but had intentions to use two handguns against another underage person if necessary. Shockingly, one of the firearms was acquired from another underage individual, both guns discovered to have been stolen - one from Freestone County and the other from Navarro County.

Both offenders are now in custody, facing serious charges. The first individual faces charges including unlawful carrying of a weapon and firearm theft, while the second individual is charged with firearm theft and unlawful handgun transfer to a minor.

Efforts are underway to notify the rightful owners of the stolen firearms. Sgt. Weinmann's commendable work not only ensures the safety of young individuals but also removes dangerous weapons from circulation and aids in the recovery of stolen property.

There's hope that this incident serves as a turning point for these young offenders, redirecting their paths towards a more positive direction.

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