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Temple Man Found Guilty of Capital Murder in Deaths of Mother and Infant

Christopher Weiss

32-year-old Christopher Weiss of Temple has been found guilty of capital murder. The McLennan County DA's Office, unable to handle the case, saw the Dallas County DA's Office stepping in as special prosecutors.

The incident dates back to November 7, 2017, when Weiss fatally shot Valarie Martinez and their one-year-old daughter, Azariah. Martinez, aged 24, was discovered with four gunshot wounds to the head near her blue Ford Focus at Tradinghouse Lake Park in Waco, Texas. Similarly, Azariah, still strapped into her car seat, had suffered two gunshot wounds.

During the trial, Assistant District Attorney Scott Wells emphasized that Weiss and Martinez met under false pretenses on a dating app. Weiss, using a fake name and claiming to be single and in the Army, was, in reality, married with children and not in the military. Despite initial deception, Martinez allowed Weiss back into their lives, hoping to give Azariah a complete family.

Weiss, ultimately found guilty by the jury, has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. As justice is served, the community mourns the loss of Valarie Martinez and baby Azariah, hoping for closure and healing for their loved ones.

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