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Two Men Arrested for Passing Counterfeit Currency in Titus County

On Monday, April 22nd, 2024, the Titus County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report regarding two individuals passing counterfeit currency at the Family Dollar Store in Cookville, TX. According to reports, the suspects departed the store in a white Chrysler Sedan heading west towards Mount Pleasant.

Texas State Trooper Ed Godoy intercepted and detained the suspect vehicle, along with its two occupants, while Corporal Randy Underwood of the Titus County Sheriff’s Office gathered additional information. Upon further investigation, it was confirmed that both men had used counterfeit bills to make purchases and receive legitimate currency as change.

22-year-old Jordan Mykel Offord and 19-year-old Jonathan Paul Wilson Jr., both residents of Mount Pleasant, were identified as the individuals involved in passing the counterfeit money. Additionally, it was discovered that the vehicle they were driving had fictitious registration.

After establishing probable cause that the two men had committed the offense of Forgery of Financial Instrument, they were taken into custody and transported to the Titus County Jail pending arraignment. Forgery of a Financial Instrument in Texas is classified as a Third Degree Felony.

The Titus County Sheriff’s Office emphasized the importance of recognizing security features present in legitimate U.S. currency, urging retailers to familiarize themselves with these details to prevent falling victim to counterfeit schemes. Additionally, they highlighted the distinctive feel of counterfeit currency compared to genuine bills, advising individuals to exercise caution when handling cash transactions.

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