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Gainesville Police Warn Against Senior Assassin Game

The Gainesville Police Department (GPD) has issued a stern warning to high school students and their families regarding the risks associated with a popular but potentially hazardous game known as "Senior Assassin."

The game, reminiscent of tag but involving water guns and harmless means to eliminate peers, has gained significant traction among high school students. However, officials express concern over potential consequences if the game were to escalate into a serious incident.

Sergeant Klayton Cantrell highlighted some worrying trends associated with the game. "Students are wearing masks and camouflage, often playing during darkness hours with water guns or duct tape, and driving vehicles unsafely while 'hunting' other students," Cantrell stated.

GPD emphasized that the game could lead to trespassing, property damage, and violations of local ordinances. Additionally, the competitive nature of the game may encourage reckless behavior, such as speeding or disregarding traffic laws while pursuing targets.

"We urge students and their parents to consider the serious implications of participating in 'Senior Assassin,'" added Chief of Police Kevin Phillips. "It potentially redirects resources necessary for public safety and jeopardizes the safety of those involved."

In response to these concerns, GPD encourages parents to have direct conversations with their children about the dangers of the game. School administrators are also urged to reinforce messages of safety and responsibility among students.

The Gainesville Police Department reassured its commitment to ensuring the safety of all residents, including the youth. Residents with concerns or seeking more information are encouraged to contact the Gainesville Police Department at 940-668-7777 or visit their website at

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