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Son Arrested for Assaulting Mother with Piece of Lumber in Hopkins County

Andrew Michael Magnuson

Hopkins County Sheriff Deputies rushed to a residence following a distress call reporting an assault. Upon reaching the scene, they found the caller, who revealed she had been in an argument with her son, Andrew Magnuson. She disclosed that during the altercation, Magnuson had struck her across the forehead with a piece of lumber, resulting in a sizable knot and a small laceration.

Emergency Medical Services arrived and provided initial treatment to the victim before transporting her to the Emergency Room for further care. Meanwhile, deputies located Magnuson at the residence and detained him.

During questioning, Magnuson admitted to the argument with his mother but claimed ignorance regarding her injuries, seemingly downplaying his role in the altercation. However, deputies discovered a piece of lumber with strands of hair resembling the victim's, strengthening the case against Magnuson.

Following their investigation, authorities determined Magnuson to be at fault. He was taken into custody. Deputies meticulously documented the scene and collected the lumber as evidence.

Andrew Michael Magnuson, 21, was transported to Hopkins County Jail and booked on charges of Aggravated Assault on a Family Member with a Weapon. He remains in custody, with his bond set at $75,000.

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