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Athens Police Department Assistant Chief Retires After 31 Years of Service

Rodney Williams

Athens Police Department's Assistant Chief Rodney Williams is set to embark on a new chapter after dedicating 31 years to law enforcement. Williams will bid farewell to his esteemed career on Friday, April 5.

Reflecting on his journey, Williams expressed a mix of emotions, stating, "We all enter this profession with the intent to retire one day, and I'm there, but there’s also sadness because you're leaving the profession. This is not just a job, this is your life."

Williams began his career with the Caney City Police Department before joining the Eustace PD, where he excelled as a field training officer, nurturing and guiding new officers. He emphasized the importance of mentoring, saying, "I made it my passion to train officers and to make them successful in their career."

Returning to his hometown, Williams joined the Athens Police Department in 1998 as a patrolman. Over the years, he climbed the ranks to become a detective and was eventually promoted to Assistant Chief in 2006. He also served as the training coordinator and stepped in as Interim Chief of Police in 2020.

Throughout his tenure, Williams witnessed significant technological advancements in policing, from VHS video systems in patrol cars to the widespread use of mobile data terminals and body cameras. One of his most cherished memories was the community's display of gratitude for his efforts in solving a shooting case.

Looking ahead to retirement, Williams plans to remodel his home, pursue his passion for woodworking and real estate, and cherish quality time with his grandchildren. "Just taking some time off is what I'm gonna do first and just relax a little bit," he shared.

As Williams bids farewell, he leaves behind a legacy of dedication to training and mentorship within the Athens Police Department. A retirement ceremony in his honor will take place at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, April 5, at the new police building located at 607 North Pinkerton Street.

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