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Off-Duty Texas Ranger Trooper Detains Shoplifter After Chase in Paris

Daniel Alexander Kincaid

On Friday, March 29, at 2:53 pm, a Paris officer responded to a call for assistance at the 2400 block of North Main Street. The call came from an off-duty Texas Ranger, who was alerted by a store employee about a shoplifter attempting to flee.

Upon arrival, the Texas Ranger identified himself as law enforcement to the suspect, Daniel Alexander Kincaid, 38. Kincaid then dropped stolen ammunition and an ammunition box worth $509 in the parking lot before attempting to escape on foot.

The Texas Ranger pursued Kincaid and managed to detain him after a chase. Kincaid was subsequently booked for Class B Theft of Property over $100 and under $750, as well as Felony Evading Arrest/Detention with a Previous Conviction. His criminal history revealed two prior convictions.

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