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Paris Considers Short-Term Rental Ordinance


The City of Paris is in the process of considering an ordinance aimed at regulating short-term rental properties (STRs) to ensure the safety and comfort of renters while maintaining fairness for local hotel operators.

In an effort guided by safety measures and fairness, the city is hosting an informational meeting to gather input from local STR owners and operators. The meeting is scheduled for 5:30 pm on Tuesday, March 26, at the City Council Chambers located at 107 East Kaufman Street.

STRs, often booked for 30 days or less through platforms like VRBO or Airbnb, typically include single-family homes, units within multifamily properties, or secondary structures such as garage apartments.

A committee recently formed by the city has reviewed ordinances from other municipalities and has chosen a model from Frisco, Texas, to guide the development of the local ordinance.

Deputy City Manager Robert Vine highlighted the objectives of the proposed ordinance, stating, "The goal is to create a practical instrument to ensure STR operators have safety equipment like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers." He added, "The Frisco ordinance also requires STR operators to provide 24/7 emergency contact numbers, evacuation plans, parking information, and trash collection schedules to all renters."

In addition to safety provisions, the proposed ordinance aligns with fairness principles in the hospitality sector. Local hotels and motels are mandated to provide similar safety equipment and information for their customers. Furthermore, the ordinance includes provisions for the collection of Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT tax) from STR rentals to maintain parity in the hospitality marketplace.

The upcoming meeting on March 26 welcomes participation from the public, particularly STR property owners, operators, and those considering entering the business. More information, including a link to the Frisco ordinance, can be accessed at

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